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Some Hero Set the Planet Earth II Baby Iguana Chase to NFL Primetime Music

Illustration for article titled Some Hero Set the iPlanet Earth II/i Baby Iguana Chase to NFL Primetime Music

Last night, the BBC made the dreams of every stoner, naturalist, and David Attenborough fan come true when it broadcast the first episode of Planet Earth II, the sequel to the magnificent 2006 series.


The episode, which focused on the planet’s islands, featured a bunch of impressive footage, including a massive penguin colony and a chill swimming sloth. It also documented a terrifying yet classic survival-of-the-fittest scenario in which a bunch of baby iguanas had to escape the slithery power of some scary looking snakes.

The original video can be found here, but some genius on Twitter decided to set the footage to NFL Primetime music, and boy, is it magical.


Oh, Planet Earth. You never fail to remind us that we’re all just baby iguanas on this beach we call life.

[Brian Grubb via Twitter]

Sophie is a former news editor at Gizmodo.

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Side note, the NFL PrimeTime theme seriously reminds me of the Robotech theme.

Now I want some football set to the Robotech theme. Internet, get on it.