Some Light Reading

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No one likes getting stuck in traffic, but some roadblocks are better than others. A few of the best: an exceptionally cute string of ducklings; an ice cream truck with a flat tire; a stunning spread of 800 LED-equipped books.


Earlier this week, the books blocked traffic on Water Street in Brooklyn, New York. They were installed by the Spanish design team Luzinterruptus to promote reading, though I'd imagine in reality they just promoted a lot of confused gawking.

The designers explained:

we want literature to seize the streets and become the conqueror of public spaces, freely offering to those who walk by a space free of traffic which for a few hours of the night will succumb to the modest power of the written word.

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The line between enticing people to read and forcing them to do so by physically impeding their travel is pretty thin here, but the idea is pretty spectacular nonetheless. [Designboom]



These books were walked on, I want a refund!