Far from the flashy mega-booths of companies like Samsung and Sony is a section of CES known as Eureka Park, filled with startups trying to bring truly innovative products to the market. But there’s just as many companies showing off products that will leave you scratching your head. Does the world really need a GoPro for babies? Or a fire extinguisher that looks like a video game blaster?

For every gadget that successfully makes it onto the shelves of your local electronics store, there are hundreds of products that simply disappear into the annals of consumer technology history. But they often get completely forgotten, with the public never even catching a glimpse of a device that some company spent years developing. It’s a real shame, which is why we’ve worked hard to document some of the most absurd gadgets at CES 2018.


Will the world ever one day have self-driving bodegas that deliver fresh fruits and vegetables right to your driveway? Who can say. But one thing is for certain, after a long day covering the expansive show floors at CES, we’d love to have a pair of those shiatsu massage shoes to wear.

We’re in Las Vegas at CES 2018! Click here to read our complete coverage.

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