Somebody Found the Most Appropriate Use For the Nintendo Virtual Boy

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Remember the Virtual Boy, Nintendo's early, failed foray into virtual reality gaming? Twenty years after its release, somebody's finally figured out the best use for the unwieldily console: Giving all of your friends a handlebar moustache.

According to Hackaday, coder and designer Joe Grand bought a broken Virtual Boy several years back at Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Unsure what else to do with it, he took it upon himself to learn about facial recognition and image processing using OpenCV. He retrofitted the console with a BeagleBone Black Linux computer and created "Mustache Mayhem," a game where you score "mojo" by holding staches over your friends' faces, until those friends can't stand being around you anymore.

Despite his game's dependency on modern hardware, Grand definitely succeeded in creating a an experience that looks like it belongs to era of 3D Tetris and Galactic Pinball. You can read all about how Grand breathed new life into a decrepit VR console over at Hackaday.


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