Sometimes Apple Commercials Just Aren't Any Good

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Apple is known for its marketing. It's almost always better than every other companies. But what happens when the commercials start... sucking? The recent Apple ad push that featured a 'Genius' helping real people in real situations was awkwardly awful. Here's a humorous take by Jest on what went wrong.


I think painting Cook as a Jobsian clone is a little off but I can totally imagine Cookie giggling to the lame jokes of those commercials. What do you guys think? What went wrong with those Apple commercials (if you hadn't seen 'em, you can watch them here) [Jest]


"Almost always better"?

I can't remember the last time I've seen an Apple commercial that didn't make me want to punch the actors in their smug little faces.

I'm not even that in love with's just so frustrating watching these annoying commercials trying to tell you how much better they are than everything else, and how magical they are, and everything else is worthless. Ugh.