Sometimes We Think the Internet Is Real Too

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Asked by Prosecutor Håkan Roswall about when was the the first time he met someone IRL (In Real Life), Pirate Bay co-founder's Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi said he didn't like IRL but AFK (Away From Keyboard) because he "thinks the Internet's real."

After the judge adjourned that day's questioning session, Sunde walked out of the District Court building into the freezing weather of Stockholm, down Stora Nygatan. He passed Rodolfino Ristorante, where he knew the food was marginally better than Billys Pan Pizza, and jumped into the bus that turned to Myntagatan, all the way through Slottkajen, passing the classic facade of the Gran Hôtel Stockholm into Östermalm. He then got off the bus on the Sibyllegatan stop and walked right through Linnégatan to his apartment on Cardellgatan.


As soon as he walked through the door, he turned off his Sony Ericsson and turned on his MacBook computer. He then opened his Eudora mail client while he waited for his Jura Impressa X7 to make his cappuccino. He sent a message to his friend, asking her to dig more information about that Håkan Fucking Roswall. He was going to pay, Sunde said to himself.

It was a long hard day, and he was very tired. While waiting for the answer to arrive, he got into a secret chat room through his IRC program, to relax for a while in the real world. He fell asleep in a few minutes. [The Pirate Bay | Away from keyboard]