Sonos 2.0 Plus Rhapsody = Joy for $10 bucks a month?

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Both WSJ Gadget Curmudgeon Walt Mossberg and BoingBoing's Ukulele-Obsessed Mark Frauenfelder are living blissfully with their Sonos 2.0 systems, streaming Rhapsody/happiness into their hearts and homes. Come again? Real Network's Sucktastic Rhapsody music service? Really? Walt says:

there's a substantial minority of folks who have neither the time, knowledge, nor inclination to do all this downloading and ripping. They don't want to fool around with any PC software just to hear music. [Hell Naw!]

I'll tell you something, I'm all for it. I'm somewhere stuck between being too cheap to buy tracks on iTunes for a buck, and too lazy/impatient to bother stealing it. So in the age of the 1-second hit, buffet-style music download is looking mighty appetizing.

I'm still not sure I need to spend $1000 bucks on Sonos gear to subscribe to Rhapsody, but for those who want to do it PC-free, I think I understand you. And Sonos is the way to go when it comes to room to room streaming with a bad ass remote and iTunes integration.


PS, Mark. Cory is going to get a little cranky when he finds out you've fallen in love with some DRM/Real ware.

Sonos + Rhapsody = happiness [BoingBoing]
Rhapsody Uses Sonos For a PC-Free Entry Into a Trove of Music [WSJ]
Sonos [Sonos]

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Flog's clearly unbiased views aside, Rhapsody is a delightful product, coming from Real. It didn't make me want to gouge my eyes out. It didn't install RealPlayer. (Hell, I can't play rm videos if I wanted to.)

It doesn't sit there, lurking, and wanting to eat my young. It doesn't start up when you don't want it to. It handles integration and synching with my Zen Vision:M perfectly. It's smart, uses minimal resources, and has some awesome features, like being able to share Playlists with other Rhapsody folks. Even the trial, 25 songs a month plugin is low-profile, small footprint.

I think Flog is judging Rhapsody predicated only on their parent company. I've hated Real since they've been around. Or since RealOne. But Rhapsody is a completely different product that uses high quality, gorgeous sounding WMAs and that let's me download and explore more music than I could ever hope to find otherwise. Coupling it with Pandora ( and I discover new bands every day. Nothing like being able to grab a brand new CD for "free" and completely legally the day it releases.

Rhapsody is really a smart program—you'll be SHOCKED it comes from the same people who invented RealPlayer. (It doesn't even prompt to install RealPlayer. It actually fronts with NO association with the parent company's greater evils.)