Sony Blatantly Rips Off Improv Everywhere For Crappy 'Viral' Ad

You've probably seen Improv Everywhere's amazing Frozen Grand Central video — it's gotten over 15,000,000 YouTube views. Apparently, so has Sony, because they totally ripped it off without asking permission or giving credit. Weasels.

In this spot, a bunch of easily-entertained commuters talk about how awesome it is to see models pretending to be mannequins holding Sony products in the middle of Grand Central. You see the models standing perfectly still, and then they show a fast-motion shot of the models in the middle of the hubbub. It's exactly like the Improv Everywhere video, just without any soul.


And this isn't the first time Sony has ripped off an artist for their advertisements. They ripped off LA-based kozyndan for their Bunnies Bravia ad, denying it later despite clear evidence of sleaziness. They apparently didn't learn their lesson, because this one is even worse. You suck, Sony. Come up with your own ideas.

Time for a mea culpa. Seriously, we're waiting. [Improv Everywhere and Creativity Online, Thanks, Zach Linder!]

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It's okay to copy. People copy people all the time ... watch, people will start copying each other by commenting on this ;)