Sony Discontinues PSP Extended Battery Pack

Illustration for article titled Sony Discontinues PSP Extended Battery Pack

PSP Fanboy just learned that Sony's discontinuing their 2200mAh PSP battery pack, an official aftermarket addon that would allow you to game for up to 12 hours or so. What's the deal? We're not sure, but someone from Sony said they're looking at other ways to "service the consumer," which might say to us that they're looking at ways to extend battery life without making the back of the PSP bulge out in an unseemly manner. And just when we learned how to hack your PSP for homebrew apps too. [PSP Fanboy]


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I wonder if this has something to do with the pandora battery. I mean, this extended battery works w/ the pandora battery, right?

Maybe they're looking for ways to prevent the homebrew community from using the battery to facilitate the custom firmware process.

I could be wrong though. I dunno, i used my original psp battery to create a pandora battery for my slim.