Sony Ericsson K810i: Same 3.2MP Cybershot, Slimmer Form

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Wait a minute...the specs on this 3.2MP Cybershot sound just like the last generation's phone. Of course, this one's lens and xenon flash bulb are jammed into a 17mm shell...and look, it's image stabilized, and has video calling! Wait, video calling? Ah, the stat that means the phone isn't every likely to show up here. Anyhow, its available in noble blue and golden ivory.


Jump on for the press release.

London, UK - 6th February 2007 - Soon after announcing it has shipped 4.5 million Cyber-shot™ camera phones since the launch of the K790/K800 last summer, Sony Ericsson today introduces two new phones to the Cyber-shot™ phone family. Intended to deliver Cyber-shot™ phones to a broader audience, these phones make sure you never miss an important shot.

The K810 Cyber-shot™ phone is a sleek, high-performance device boasting a 3.2 megapixel camera including auto focus and a Xenon flash. Innovative applications such as Photo Fix help to further improve the quality of your pictures, even after you have taken them. Illuminated camera icons to the side of the main keypad, which light up when in camera mode, allow you to access camera menu options at the touch of a button.

Complementing the K810, the K550 Cyber-shot™ phone delivers the benefits of Cyber-shot™ technology in a compact (14mm thin) form factor with very easy to use features. Equipped with a 2.0 megapixel camera with auto focus plus an LED photo light and active lens cover, the K550 helps ensure that you're always ready to take and share the best possible images. Additionally Bluetooth™ technology and picture blogging makes it easy to share quality images with friends and family.

"Worldwide, consumers are realizing that the best digital camera is the one you have with you," says Steve Walker, head of global product marketing at Sony Ericsson. "The K800/K790 introduced last year established the Cyber-shot™ phone as a credible fusion of phone and camera. Now the K810 and K550 move the market forward by introducing new applications and providing real improvements in the customer experience. Attractive price points also mean Cyber-shot™ phones are available to a whole new audience."

While very slim, the K810 is a feature rich device enabling consumers to take quality shots while on the move. The new illuminated camera icons allow you to select advanced camera settings (such as picture size & self timer) by simply clicking on one of the hardkeys; so no need to navigate into the full camera menu and risk missing a special shot. It is a UMTS device enabling high-speed picture blogging, and will be one of the most advanced camera phones available.


Don't miss the action

No longer do poor light conditions and lack of contrast mean a poor quality picture. When in camera mode, the Xenon flash with red eye reduction helps with picture taking in low-light conditions. If a photo needs some improvement, then a new photo fix solution can optimize brightness & picture contrast at the touch of a button. Meanwhile, if you are shooting a moving object (perhaps at a sporting event), then Sony Ericsson's BestPic™ feature will let you take nine photos in quick succession and simply choose the best one.

Sharing your pictures is easily done with the K810 Cyber-shot™ phone thanks to a host of connectivity options: Picture blogging allows you to upload your shots to your own blog site, while Bluetooth™ technology and USB 2.0 make it straightforward to share photos with friends or connect to your PC.

The K810 Cyber-shot™ phone is a UMTS 2100 (GSM 900/1800/1900) device available beginning Q2 2007 in Europe and Asia. The K810 will be available in two stylish colors: Noble Blue and Golden Ivory.

K550 Cyber-shot™ phone brings the experience to more people

Even if you are new to camera phone photography or the Cyber-shot™ experience, the new K550 is designed to be an intuitive integration of a highly-specified digital camera with a mobile phone. Simply slide open the lens cover to activate the camera and the Cyber-shot™ menu appears in the phone's screen, which at 1.9" serves as a clear viewfinder.

Once an image has been captured, sharing it can be done in a number of ways, each one a simple process. Picture blogging makes it simple to send images to a blog site; support for Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) allows the user to transfer images easily between compatible devices and Bluetooth™ 2.0 provides for simple sharing with other phones and Bluetooth-equipped devices. PictBridge makes it possible to print directly via USB (provided in-box) from the K550 to a compatible printer; cutting out the computer and the complexity.

Available in Jet Black or Pearl White, the K550 Cyber-shot™ phone is a Quad-Band EDGE device and will launch in North America from Q2 2007.



Hey so whats the difference to the K800i? Just the illuminated buttons?

I got a K800i and it all features the same things at the same location. Just different is the keyboard illumination and the housing. The flash was there, the video call was there. Wow. Almost 1 year and just that?

Hmmh. Sony Ericsson, you once were better...

But - the K800i is marvellous. Stunning. I did the best shots with that anti-shock-function. Blogging is great when no MMS available in the market. I just love it. And will lov the K810i also.