Sony Ericsson Virtually Floundering at CeBIT

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For those who enjoy the almost-game Second Life, Sony set up a virtual CeBIT area for the Sony Ericcson line. But apparently it isn't going very well...

Ok, so our USBCELL bunny tried to find some folk at the Sony CEBIT 2007 event to chat. Sadly Kinda of empty. So thats a several hundred thousand dollar spend by Sony Ericcson in SL, but it's kinda off empty. Shame. Might as well go to the real Cebit show Sony Ericsson...

Anyone out there want to do some more Second Life/CeBIT reporting for us? Send it to tips!

UPDATE: We have more. Hit the jump.

I checked out the Sony Ericsson pavilion in Second Life. When I arrived, there were nine people there, including one staff member who was very good at saying "No problem :-)" and "Push the red button!" but couldn't answer many more questions about the project.

There were free t-shirts to get, and a contest where you can a W880 a day (that's where the button pushing comes in). There are also "live" photos from the conference and a dance pad where you can rock out to one of a dozen dances.

This build is a decent recreation of the real world, but there was nothing that really leveraged the advantages of the SL platform or the SL community.


I appreciate that Sony tried, even if it wasn't a huge hit.

Thanks Simon & Hilary! You did a great job.

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