Sony LocationFree, Now in HD

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Sony is stepping up their LocationFree game, now supporting HD transmission through this new transmitter/receiver pair, the LF-W1HD kit. The catch? Well, there are two, actually.

First, the HD signal is not your source signal but an MPEG4 compressed product. Sony claims the picture has somewhere near 96% fidelity, which is still pretty good in our book.

Second, the transmitter doesn't have HDMI input. The receiving unit supports the format, but apparently Sony can't deal with transcoding and transmitting the HDMI data—or finds the prospect too expensive. Ugh. Deal breaker? I think so.


The LF-W1HD kit is slated for a December 1st release at about $430. Japan only. [press release via impress]

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Maybe it's just me, but I don't see the value in this product, nor have I seen value in previous iterations of this product line. Does it stream over the web too or is it just within a certain range?