Sony's showing a bunch of home theater amplifier and speaker systems—seven to be exact—and they bring ease of use to packaged home theater systems, letting you turn on the system with the press of one button. This HT-7100DH pictured above is a $500 system that includes five satellites and an 8-inch sub. Cranking out 900 watts, the thing has two HDMI inputs as well as optical, coaxial digital and component inputs.

You can plug in your portable music player, too, as well as calibrate the speakers automatically using an included microphone that lets you tune the system to your listening room. Just plug in an HDMI TV and you're good to go with 5.1 sound. There were many more choices in home theater, and some of them Sony placed under its Bravia banner:


If you can follow along with these alphabet-soup model numbers, Sony's DAV-HDX500, DAV-HDX267W and DAV-HDX265 are even lower-end home theater systems with receivers and speakers in a matched set. Sony calls them Bravia because they're designed to resemble the styling of the company's TV sets. Pretty much the equivalent of what used to be called a "chick stereo," they include a receiver, speakers and a DVD changer with HDMI out that upscales video to 720p and 1080i.

The systems also make it easy to turn everything on, with Sony's Bravia Theatre Sync, where all you need to do is push one button and the system controls Bravia TVs over HDMI. Obviously, it's a ploy to get you to buy all of your home theater equipment from Sony. The upside is, now anybody in the house can turn on the TV set. This will be a welcome feature in many households.

Another user-friendly feature is a wireless rear speaker option that will be available for all three systems in March for about $130. The DAV-HDX500, with its floor-standing speakers that match Sony TVs and its XM Satellite capability is the priciest of this bunch coming in at $500, while the DAV-HDX265 will be $300, and both will ship in March. The DAV-HDX267W will be available in April for around $300.

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