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Sony announces a lot standard def camcorders this year: twelve in all. And then they didn't do something else: supply press with a complete listing breaking down their complex lineup.

But here's gist of it:

12 New SD Models
5 of those are HDD
4 of those are DVD
3 of those are Mini-DV

The most interesting of the lot, the HDD camcorders, start at $599 and have sizes varying from 30-60GB, as well as optical zoom ranging from 40-10X. But the lineup is complicated, in that there isn't a reliable linear trend to storage or zoom capabilities. I wish Sony would consolidate their offerings, even if that means the pricepoints spread out a bit. Can you imagine going to a car dealer, buying a luxury edition model, and then being informed that the interior was crappier than its less expensive counterparts?


All of the HDD and DVD models support 5.1 surround, while every model supports up to 4GB memory sticks for stills. A Sony rep seemed confident that the newly announced 8GB sticks will be compatible, even though they are not certified for use at this time.

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