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Sony recently launched the SNC-CS50P, an intelligent Internet Protocol (IP) based network camera. This device is the first in a new generation of Sony cameras to do their image processing within the camera itself. The "intelligent" in the description refers to that, as well as its two main features: Intelligent Motion Detection and Intelligent Object Detection. The former means the camera can differentiate between multiple objects in motion and environmental condition, avoiding the vulnerable blind spot-creating masking done with many CCTV systems. The latter feature means the SNC-CS50P can detect when packages that have been abandoned and alert the control room, a function usually the sole responsibility of roaming security guards in busy areas like airports.

The Sony SNC-CS50P has dual-streaming capabilities, supporting JPEG, MPEG4 and H.264, so a high-res stream can be used and saved locally while simultaneously transmitting a low-res one to another location over potentially low bandwidth. It can broadcast wirelessly, but also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), which can make it a cheaper and quicker install. But really, who cares about all this technical crap when it totally matches your white iPod and your coffee-fetching Asimo robot?


Sony SNC-CS50P intelligent IP-based surveillance camera []