Sony Vaio UX Becomes a Killer Hackintosh UMPC

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Not only can this 2007 model UX490 quad-boot into OS X, Windows 7, XP Pro, and Vista Business, but its specs have been overhauled. A voice-capable HSPA modem has been added, plus a faster CPU and larger solid-state hard disk.


The original 1.2GHz Core 2 Solo U2200 processor (which was soldered in place) has been swapped with a 1.33GHz Core 2 Duo overclocked to 1.438GHz. And the 48GB SSD is replaced with a fast RunCore ProIV 128GB SSD. Amazingly, the battery life is said to be pretty much the same.


It's a pretty involved mod, but it's a hackintosh I'd definitely like to take for a spin. That 4.5-inch touchscreen doesn't look too bad, either. [MicroPCTalk via UMPC Portal via SlashGear]

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Can anyone tell me what program is used to make the boot menu? I suspect it is linux based. Right now I have Windows 7, I get a boot menu asking me if I want to run Windows 7 or a previous version of windows.