Sony's Bendy Organic Screen Means Video Clothes, Animated Cereal Boxes At Last

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OLEDs are pretty much awesome, but the coolest application, the bendy one, is still tricky, because flexible plastic is more porous than stiff glass, and OLEDs get really upset when they come in contact with oxygen. Apparently, though, Sony and Germany's Max Planck Institute have cooked up a flexible and transparent organic display that will do alright, when it is released in the undisclosed future.


Since it's see-through, it will be able to be seen at all viewing angles (uh, including those greater than 180°) and because of its low power constraints it will be able to run with minimal battery support. Applications discussed by the Daily Mail include the usual roundup of not-entirely-brilliant suggestions, such as clothing-mounted displays, roll-up digital newspapers and cereal boxes with animated ads. The good news is, all of this brings us much closer to my idea of a good product: wallpaper TV.


There's a video of the above rabbit jumping along the 3-inch screen to prove the video capabilities; my problem with the vid (besides the fact that I couldn't embed it for you) is that while it shows the display bent, it doesn't show it being bent. That's what I'd like to see. [Daily Mail UK]

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since when was animated cereal boxes a good idea... damn things just won't shut up in minority report