Sony's Latest PS3 Mistake: No More Downloadable AAA Titles

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I just want to take anyone from Sony who's related to the development of the PS3 platform in any way, and shake them until the saboteur witch doctors hired from Nintendo and Microsoft lose their hold.


The latest idea from the Sony braintrust? No more big downloadable titles. So you'll still be able to download little arcade games, but future titles the size of Warhawk will no longer be offered on PSN.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has assembled an impressive library of $20 titles on the 360, and they're intelligently slapping games like, say, Mass Effect on there before Mass Effect 2 comes out. This kind of strategery is good for the game studios, sure, but more importantly, it's convenient for the consumer.

Anyway, Sony is having none of that. Why? Because their platform is heavily invested in 50GB-wielding Blu-ray (which requires hefty installs for some games all the same).

You want to know the chief problem with Blu-ray, Sony? It's that you can't download it. You aren't out of the console fight yet. Pick yourself up, dust off your gloves and attack the world with every tentacle that is Sony's larger development monstrosity.

I grew up listening to a Walkman. This shit kills me. [IGN via Kotaku]




Kinda glad of this. Because their download speeds suck to begin with, if you can even get it to even grab the whole thing.

Xbox: drop in disc, "There is an update for this game. Download now, or play off-line." Click update, wait 30 seconds, play.

PS3: drop in disc, "There is an update for this game. You cannot play without this update." Click update. Download hangs. Cancel. Download hangs again, 20% later. Cancel. Download fails to start. Cancel. Download hangs again. Cancel. Download finally works, takes 20 minutes to download, 10 minutes to install. Play.