Spanish Police Foil Remote-Controlled Zeppelin Jailbreak

In a plot that's crazy (and evil genius) enough to be from James Bond, three people have been arrested after police discovered their plan to free a drug trafficker from an island prison using a 13-foot airship carrying night goggles, climbing gear and camouflage paint.

It's believed that the inmate (of the Salto del Negro prison on the Canary Island of Las Palmas) was to scale the prison wall and speed off in a waiting car.


The arrested men had setup an elaborate surveillance operation of the prison that involved a camouflaged tent, powerful binoculars, telephoto lenses, and motion detection sensors. But authorities caught wind of the plan when they intercepted the inflatable zeppelin as it arrived from the Italian town of Bergamo.

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Holy crap, I almost wish they got away with it. [Telegraph]


Give the guys buddies a hand. How many of your friends would try and break you out?