Sphero the Robotic Hamster Ball Is About to Make Your Cat's Life Hell

Illustration for article titled Sphero the Robotic Hamster Ball Is About to Make Your Cat's Life Hell

Sphero, the robotic hamster ball controlled by your iOS or Android phone, has been on our radar for a while now but we've only ever caught glimpses of its early prototype designs. The final design looks like a pearl—or a blank Pokeball, whatevs.


This shell isn't just for looks though. The folks at Orbotix chose the strongest polycarbonate they could find to provide maximum protection while still allowing the LED lights inside to shine through. Other new additions include a new feature to Sphero Golf—whereby you can swing your phone like a Wii controller and created the KittyCam App—whereby you can screw with your kitteh while simultaneously using your phone to record it.

The Sphero, as you may recall is a programmable robotic "hamster ball" controlled by your iOS or Android device through its Bluetooth connection. It can be controlled either directly through inputs from your smartphone's touch-screen or controlled through the motion of your phone itself a la the Wii-mote. Also cool—induction charging.

Still no word on an actual release date but the price has been set at $130 when it drops later this fall.

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Cheap, homemade toy to torture your cat: Foam ball with fishing line through it attached to very shortened length fishing pole. "Cast" the ball down hall ways, over and under furniture, etc., and sit down and slowly reel in. Every time Kitteh gets bored and starts to walk away, reel in some more. Hours of fun and cat torture, um, cat entertainment, while you sit on the couch and laugh. For real reel fun, make sure the ball is covered in Catnip.