Illustration for article titled Spice-Leaf Book Is an Edible Book With Pages Made of Soluble Spices

Ever look at a cookbook and think, "That recipe looks so good, I could just eat that page!"? My guess is no. Nobody has ever thought that. But just in case, we present this concept.

The Spice-Leaf book aims to solve the tricky problem of travelling with spices, which are sometimes illegal and always bulky. The proposed pages are actually constructed of an edible paper embedded with several different spices, like white pepper and chili powder, that can be torn off and used to flavor your food. It's a concept, and one probably not likely to see production, so we won't bother asking things like "what's the paper made of?" or "how could dried spices, which have a relatively short shelf-life, stay flavorful for long enough for this to be useful? or "who eats paper?" [Yanko]


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