Sometimes it really feels like the title of this song is true. It sure felt true this week, as we struggled to stay afloat in a seemingly endless deluge of bad news. Thank god it's the weekend.

I posted another Spoon song last week—Inside Out, a track off the band's 2014 album They Want My Soul. Today's Soundtrack pick is a little bit of a throwback, all the way from Spoon's third album, 2001's Girls Can Tell. It hasn't seemed to age, though. It fits right in with the stuff Spoon's put out in 2014. Which I guess is the beauty of the Austin band: they're consistently good, and their style is consistent. In a good way!

This song also reminds me that in spite of terrible news, the world keeps turning. You might be caught in a flood today, but you're going to wake up tomorrow, and you're going to keep going. And everything will be okay. Have a great weekend, y'all. [Spotify, iTunes, Amazon]

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