Spoonful of Sugar: Tylenol Flavor Creator

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Here's a great way to teach kids about the art of mixing up flavors with drugs, the Tylenol Flavor Creator, which turns the popular Children's Tylenol pain reliever into a kiddie cocktail. Give them a choice of strawberry, green apple, bubblegum or chocolate, and they can mix up these little sugar-free flavor packets with the basic cherry-flavored Tylenol liquid.

Looks like the taste testers at X-entertainment weren't amused by the flavo-packets:

Even if you dump each of the twenty included flavor packets into a single dose of Tylenol, it won't taste like candy. I wouldn't know what to call it, but that stuff isn't candy.


We're hoping Tylenol's next release will be a Jägermeister flavor, functioning as a subtle reminder of the previous night's merrymaking, y'know, the hair o' the dog that bit ya?

The Tylenol Flavor Creator Kit! [X-entertainment, via medGadget]