Sprint just announced a new Sprint-specific HTC One M8 that harnesses all the goodness of Harman's audio tech. Think of it as a phone for music lovers.

For context, Harman uses sophisticated technology that analyzes the quality of the audio and attempts to rebuild what was lost in lossy compression. Harman Kardon demoed the technology to Gizmodo a few weeks ago and it definitely makes a difference. And it certainly makes sense to try develop technology that acknowledges the way people actually listen to music.


So what's in this HTC One that makes it so good for music? And how is it different from the regular ol' HTC One? First of all, it's made with Harman's Clari-Fi tech, which is music restoration technology. One of the merits of the HTC One is its high-fi audio. The Sprint flavor sounds (pun intended for sure) just a little bit better.