Sprint CEO on Pre vs iPhone: "It's like comparing someone to Michael Jordan"

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Charlie Rose asked Sprint CEO Dan Hesse about how the Palm Pre is doing against the Apple iPhone. The bottom line: Well, but not too well. It almost feels like he's admitting defeat from the start.

Q: Is the Palm Pre making a dent into the iPhone market?
A: Aaah... It's-it's doing well, but you can almost put the iPhone, to be fair, in a separate category. The Apple brand and that device have done so well, it's almost not... it's like comparing someone to Michael Jordan.

Well, not really, Dan. It is exactly the same category. It's just that Apple owns the category. So yes, you are right that the iPhone is like Michael Jordan, but the Palm Pre plays in the NBA too. In any case, don't give up so soon. We—the consumers—need the battle so Apple doesn't get so frigging lazy.