Sprint Joins Us in the Real World: Over-the-Air Tracks 99 Cents in April

Piggybacking on the UpStage phone we've oohed and ahhed over for the last couple of days (and months), Sprint is lowering the price of OTA music downloads from their 1.5 million track library to 99 cents. Thank. Christ. OTA music prices have been obscene for far too long.


You can't use the tracks as a ringtones, however, even on the UpStage, a music phone, which is patently ridiculous. Still, it's a great move nonetheless, and could actually get people to use their phones as music devices—the whole disruptive potential is in grabbing tracks whenever, wherever, but before it was prohibitively expensive. Now that the price is reasonable people might finally take advantage.

Sprint's also rolling out two new music-oriented unlimited data plans in April: Power Vision Access and Power Vision Music. Bullet points after the jump.

Power Vision Access ($15 a month):

* 10 commercial-free radio channels from Sprint Radio, powered by mSpot
* exclusive video programming from Sprint Power View, including a weekly top-song countdown, breaking music news, tour information and artist interviews and performances and
* songs at $ 0.99 each from the Sprint Music Store.


Power Vision Music ($20 a month):

* another 40 channels of commercial-free radio channels from Sprint Radio (for a total of 50),
* a channel from Sprint TV that features music videos, powered by MobiTV, including hip-hop, rock and alternative as well as flashbacks from the 80s and 90s and
* songs at $ 0.99 each from the Sprint Music Store.


Seems like Sprint's serious about this whole music deal, which seems like an interesting way to try to differentiate itself from other mobile carriers, kind of like what Helio is doing but on a smaller scale. It all seems fairly reasonable, moreover, which is a first when you think about digital music and mobile carriers, at least in the US.

Press Release [Sprint]


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