Squirrels Continue to Be Awful By Wrecking People's Internet

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Level 3 Communications, a major ISP, has a serious beef with squirrels. It turns out the little rodents have a penchant for chewing through their fiber optic lines. They actually account for 17% of the damages to their 84,000 mile network this year.


And they don't even know why! In a blog post, company VP Fred Lawler submitted that he just doesn't get why the woodland creatures would even want to chew through them. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that there's peanut oil in the wire sheathing. Just a guess, but maybe Comcast has something new to consider for it's latest initiative.

Or maybe we need more squirrel catapults? I'm just saying you never know what you have to plan for. [The Atlantic]


Denver is too damn high

At my house we have Operation Acorn Squash in full swing. Basically we're catching the little buggers and releasing them at a park two miles, a major river and highway away. If they makeit back, they win a chance to do it all again. So far we have 14 squirrel silhouettes drawn on the whiteboard.