StagePage Preserves Your Concert Memories for the Ages


Lose your ticket stub? Can't find that old shoebox with your concert mementos? Documenting concerts you've attended is now possible with just a few smartphone swipes, so you can relive your favorite moments and keep track of who you saw, what they played, and what you thought about it.


StagePage (free) lets you create a virtual scrapbook of the shows you've seen. Each "page" within the app is dedicated to a single concert, with a picture of the beloved ticket stub, pictures and videos from the show, the venue, location, date, setlist, and more. The only real limit: you can only upload four photos or videos of the band.

Unless you (bravely we might add) went to the show alone, the app also lets you upload pictures of whatever friends came along, again, with a limit of four shots. After you import all that stuff into the app (or shoot it there directly), StagePage lets you edit pictures and videos by improving the image quality automatically, adding effects, and more, with image-editing features from Aviary.

We also appreciate the setlist feature, which shows this app was created with the obsessive fan in mind. It lets you enter each song as it's played, or after the fact. You also get to add your own reactions and commentary to the show.

Once you've added as much as this stuff as you want, the app saves your concert page as a linked image with a custom background that you can share with friends and fellow fans via Facebook, Twitter, or email, from within the app. And, of course, you can flip through them all on your own later to relive the sights and sounds of concerts gone by.

Many of us already take pictures and record video at shows using a smartphone (in fact, that's all some concertgoers appear to be doing). But that stuff gets stored along with the rest of our random media. This idea of putting it all into a dedicated, organized app like this makes sense.

I personally like to keep physical evidence of the shows I've attended because holding a ticket stub feels more meaningful than looking at a picture of it. Still, why not do both? StagePage is free.

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This has to be the biggest waste of time and space in the history of the app store. Ok, that may be exaggerated, but why in the world would anyone need this app? And please, people, for the love of music, stop watching concerts through your phone. If you wanted to experience a concert that way, save your money and watch it on YouTube at home. I really don't think there's many things more offensive than looking out at a concert crowd and seeing thousands of phones and cameras held up video taping the band. I promise you, nobody wants to see your crappy cell phone video of Raiohead shot from the 3rd tier.