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Star Trek Barbie Dolls Still Have No Nipples

Illustration for article titled Star Trek Barbie Dolls Still Have No Nipples

Yes, beautiful people, Star Trek Barbie dolls. "Captain Kirk" (who could have never survived that jump, but whatever), Spock, and Lieutenant Yummy Hot Pants. I mean, Uhura. New faces, same irresistible naffness.


Believe it or not, this is not the first time Mattel has released Star Trek Barbie dolls. In 1996 they released Ken and Barbie dressed up in Federation gear to celebrate the TV show's 30th anniversary. Expect them in April.


In the meantime, get the only doll that counts: El Señor Presidente! [Entertainment Wise]

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Neither Barbie nor Ken are known for anatomical correctness. I think Ken (or Spock in this case) is missing more than just mipples.