Star Trek: Strange New Worlds | Second Season Teaser Trailer | Paramount+

That’s clearly not changed for season two if this trailer is anything to go by. There’s a lot of fun stuff here, from the return of Paul Wesley’s James T. Kirk, and the debut of Pelia, played by the legendary Carol Kane, to the arrival of the Klingons (and perhaps what could be round three with the horrifying Gorn). But there’s also fun stuff: between the space ship action and the phasers blaring, there’s a really nice emphasis on the crew having fun together here, whether it’s joking on the Enterprise bridge or on missions, or hanging out in downtime, there is a display of camaraderie here that was the key to the greatest strengths of the first season beyond its ability to emulate Trek’s old modus operandi. It’s really lovely to see season two double down on that as much as it does the actual space adventures.


Like Spock, we would also like to make the ship go now—but alas, we have to wait for Star Trek: Strange New World season two to hit Paramount+ starting June 15.

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