Starbucks Makes the Leap to Single-Serve Coffee in Upcoming Maker by Bosch

Illustration for article titled Starbucks Makes the Leap to Single-Serve Coffee in Upcoming Maker by Bosch

Stop the presses for the coffee addicts, because Starbucks, the 800-pound gorilla of the java trade, has decided to blast into the single-serving coffee market this December, serving up four of its hyper-expensive blends to go into special coffee makers that will now be made by Bosch, as you see in the picture here. Until now, there weren't any famous and wonderful brands such as Starbucks available for these foolproof coffeemakers. This is big news, coffee lovers.


That's a big change for those coffee drinkers who like to use these little single-serving capsules in their Tassimo Hot Beverage System, that was formally made by Braun but now has jumped ship over to rival appliance maker Bosch. Now you can juice up that coffee jones with the following four varieties of Starbucks coffees: Breakfast Blend, Caffé Verona, Africa Kitamu and that old fave, House Blend. Not that there's been a shortage of variety for this method of brewing coffee by Tassimo Kraft, where PR wags now say there are more than 60 "beverage offerings" for the coffeemakers. Just no Starbucks, until now.

We're just wondering if Starbucks isn't diluting its brand even more, after we heard not long ago about the company offering its supposed gourmet blends in vending machines, of all things. It might be hard to keep the price up while becoming so ubiquitous at the same time, and it might prove to be a challenge to remain exclusive when the company's erstwhile exclusive coffee brands can be brewed by cold, soulless vending machines. [Single Serve Coffee]


I have a Tassimo machine as well. It looks identical to the one pictured. Is it made by Braun? Okay. I didn't know. In any case, it's awesome and I can't recommend it more. The T-discs (instead of K-cups) have bar codes on them so that the machine knows if you're making coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, etc and then uses the correct amount of water and temperature accordingly. Is this a big deal, or even important? Not really. But it's cool! The thing has a bar code scanner in it! Talk about gadget-tastic.

Most importantly, though, it makes the best coffee ever. Anyone who has some agrees. A couple we're friends with even bought one for their kitchen after having cup after cup of ours. I definitely recommend it - even if you never buy Starbucks discs (as well you shouldn't).