Start your holiday shopping now with the giftsets of This Week’s DVDs

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It’s November, and the holiday season has officially begun. If your local stores aren’t blaring Christmas carols yet, then you can still tell by the plethora of high-end collectors DVD and Blu-rays arriving on November 5th. Might as well start going down your shopping list — and maybe adding a few idea for yourself.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Extended Edition

Did you think the first Hobbit’s movie was that it was just didn’t cover the first third of the 300-page book in enough detail? Then you’ll want to pick up the new Extended Edition, which includes 13 extra minutes of footage, as well as nine(!) new hours of extras. And you can also get a snazzy Bilbo/Gollum statue along with it, if you want.

Twilight Forever: The Complete Box Set


All four Twilight movies, along with all the previously released extras and two additional hours of extras, as well as a “Commemorative Photo Album”, no doubt full of 100-year-old sparkle monsters and shirt-challenged werewolves leering at underage girls. Fun fact: At the time this article was published, this set — both DVD and Blu-ray versions — were being outsold by Duck Dynasty: I’m Dreaming of a Redneck Christmas. Fun!

The Right Stuff: 30th Anniversary Edition


The 1983 movie about Chuck Yeager and the men who became the Mercury astronauts. Contains commentaries, featurettes, and a 1988 PBS documentary on John Glenn.

Doctor Who Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Giftset


The Ninth and Tenth Doctors arrive on Blu-ray as series 1-4 make their HD debut in this giftset, which comes with yet another Sonic Screwdriver universal remote, art cards, an exclusive comic, and three new-to-Bu-ray specials including “The Brit List's Ultimate Doctor Who List of Lists,” “The Best of the Christmas Specials,” and the 90-minute “Doctor Who at the Proms” concert. Don’t worry, there’s absolutely zero chance of series 1-4 not hitting Blu-ray individually in the next six months.

Under the Dome


I don’t know why this set doesn’t say “The Complete First Season” or something since CBS renewed it, but either way, this includes the first 13-episodes of the show based on the Stephen King short story about a town trapped under an impenetrable dome. You can get ‘em inside a goofy dome DVD case here.


Farscape: The Complete Series


This is a release of the 15th anniversary edition Blu-ray set from 2011 with new packaging and nothing else. Just FYI.



Obligatory warning on the Farscape blu-rays. That show wasn't mastered in HD, and this release isn't a remastering (like Star Trek TNG is currently receiving), so you're paying for upscaled SD video and higher-quality audio.