Starz Shares First Look at Counterpart, a J.K Simmons-Led Show About Peeping Doppelgangers

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It’s a spy thriller where the opposing sides aren’t countries, but dimensions.

Starz has unveiled the first look at Counterpart, which stars J.K. Simmons (our newest Commissioner Gordon) as Howard Silk, a low-ranking employee in a Berlin-based United Nations spy agency called the “Office of Interchange.” Howard eventually learns about the agency’s true work, something it’s kept secret from the public—they’ve discovered, and are spying on, a parallel dimension.

Akin to the multiverse theory, the parallel dimension is a world similar to ours—only with minor differences that, in some cases, have major impacts. Howard is forced to travel to the other dimension for answers, hinting at a larger conspiracy between these two worlds... and the only one he can trust in all of it is, you guessed it, himself.

Counterpart, created by Justin Marks (writer of The Jungle Book), has been ordered for two 10-episode seasons and also stars Olivia Williams (Hanna) and Harry Lloyd (Doctor Who). The first season debuts January 21, 2018. You can watch the featurette below.

[via Spoiler Free Movie Sleuth]