Stella Artois Uses Augmented Reality In Cool iPhone App

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It's lunch (in the UK, anyway), I'm feeling worse for wear after last night's drink-a-thon, and it's only four days until Christmas, so this Stella Artois app is looking very attractive to me. Even if I don't drink beer.


It's one of the first times a big brand like Stella Artois has used augmented reality in an app, with booze-rivals Guinness and Becks using just location-based services instead of AR in their apps.

Upon opening the Le Bar app and waving your iPhone in front of you, bars selling Stella pop up on the screen, giving directions and information. Once you're safely housed in a drinking establishment, a cold pint of the amber nectar in your hand, you can rate the bar and send it to your friends if you want them to meet you there.

It also works abroad, too—simply select the country, and find bars selling Stella in your area.

Ensuring your drinking doesn't lead to driving, you can also call a local taxi firm from within the app. How very responsible of the free app. [Stella Artois app via Recombu via Daily Mobile via MobileEnt]


Stella Artois is what did me in. 5 pints with friends one night and in a sleep-walking state, I apparently confused my PowerBook for a toilet. I've been sober since October 6th, 2006.