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One of the great things about analog motion picture cameras (I'm talking about 16mm and 35mm here) is that you could take them apart and change things like shutter angle. But with the advent of video, all the motion picture magic moved out of the camera and into the post-production environment. So the news of this 3D stereoscopic digital vidcam is huge. The core of this camera is a Panasonic AG-DVX100A. But instead of sending the signal to a MiniDV tape, the folks from 21st Century 3D send the 6 CCD signal directly to two Mac Minis that are on board. They use some nifty algorithms to get 1280x720p resolution at 24fps progressive. 10 bits per channel! There are focus knobs for both lenses, and the 3D images can be previewed in real-time. The 3DVX3 is a truly amazing piece of work, I'm looking forward to seeing some video captured from this thing soon.

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