Steve Jobs on Netbooks: "We've Got Some Interesting Ideas"

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When asked about netbooks during his "special guest" appearance on Apple's quarterly earnings call, at first Steve Jobs seemed pretty down on the whole category, saying that there are "not a lot of them getting sold," and Apple's "entrance into that category" is the iPhone. But then he admitted that Apple is going to "wait and see" how the category evolves and "we've got some pretty interesting ideas if it does evolve." MacBook touch tablet? Wild speculation, go! (MacBook Touch mockup image from January.)

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All it really needs to be is a shrunken standard laptop with a good build and good specs for netbook prices, and it'll sell like hotcakes with crack as its active ingredient. "Interesting" ideas could very well be awesome-looking, but otherwise an encumbrance, as indicated by their mice, which people far and wide tend to hate. Unfortunately, Apple has a serious penchant for making sure that there are serious disadvantages to the lower end models. With the Macbook Air, what is the likelihood of them bothering to even make a netbook?

Here's my speculation on the interesting idea:

It will have a bit proprietary port that serves for both power and data transfer, essentially making the netbook a jumbo iPod. So it is written....