Steve Jobs on Organ Transplant Lists: "I Almost Died" Waiting

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When Steve Jobs received his liver transplant, he was considered "the sickest person on the waiting list." Now he's speaking out about the faults in California's current organ donor system which left 400 people dying in wait last year alone:

"I was fortunate," he said because he had the ability to fly cross country in the four-hour window needed to transplant a healthy organ. "Last year, 400 other Californians died waiting. I could have died."

He called current system "an obscure process" with "no one asking the simple question: Will you donate your organs?"

Of his current health, the whippet-thin Jobs told other transplant survivors who attended the Friday news conference, "I'm feeling fine. I almost died. It's been a pretty good last few months."

Steve made these remarks during an event announcing the introduction of the United State's first living organ donor registry in California earlier today. Let's hope that changes things for the better. [Business Insider]


Update: For those who wrote in requesting information about the organ donation process, this site is a good resource.