Steven Spielberg Will Bring DC Comics' Blackhawk to the Big Screen

The Blackhawks, as seen in Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #2.
The Blackhawks, as seen in Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #2.
Image: Dave Cockrum and Murphy Anderson (DC Comics)

Warner Bros.’ DC comics movie announcements are getting crazy.

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment officially announced today that Spielberg will produce and potentially helm Blackhawk, with a script from his longtime collaborator David Koepp. Blackhawk is based on the classic team of World War II fighter pilots lead by the titular hero, who have fought Nazis and other threats to the world in the pages of Quality Comics’ Military Comics since the early 1940s.


DC acquired the Blackhawks and other Quality properties in 1956, and since then the team has been slotted into old school DC continuity. The New 52 reimagined the group as a modern government taskforce for a short-lived new series, but a modernized version of the Silver Age team recently appeared in the pages of Dark Nights: Metal, assisting the latest version of Hawkgirl.

It seems like Spielberg’s take on the team will lean more towards those wartime roots, rather than the New 52's reimagining. But even then, between this and a New Gods film, Warner Bros. is not getting afraid of seriously out there with its DC movies.


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I mean, it was unusual in the Silver Age DC comics stable, but in the realm of film, isn’t it just a dated-seeming film about WWII pilots...?