Streaming Movie of the Night: Fireplace For Your Home (AKA The Reason to Reactivate That Netflix Account!)

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I know your relationship with Netflix is a bit tempestuous, but it's time to put all that behind you. Just in time for the holiday season, there's now a Yule Log—sitting in a fireplace, soaked in flames—streaming in HIGH DEFINITION.

Who's in it?

Technically nobody. But if you're one for anthropomorphism, then Fireplace For Your Home stars Yancy Yule Log and Freddy Fire, in perhaps the most important roles of their respective careers.

What's it about?

Well it's mostly just about a piece of wood burning up in the name of holiday cheer (film school students: free free to come up with your own symbolic interpretations). In addition to the flaming yule log, you also have the option to watch a fire sans yule log, but why you'd do that I'd never know (maybe that's why it's suitable for any time of the year). And I was kind of hoping that Santa would make a cameo appearance, but alas, he's nowhere to be found. Maybe it's better that way, considering this is an unrated faux-fireplace.


Why do we like it?

It's Christmas time. And it is my firm, firm belief that Yule Log crackles can only be properly appreciated in HD. [via Erik Malinowski]

Fireplace For Your Home (2010), 60 minutes — Netflix