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Suck on These Single-Serving Coffee Sacks

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I've never been one much for chewing tobacco—couldn't ever quite get the hang of spitting without drooling all over myself. These coffee sacks provide a similar kick without water or, you know, the whole mouth-cancer issue.

The Grinds Coffee Pouch works just like bagged chaw does, just cram a pack into your lip and leave it there. It "brews" in your natural juices, eliminating the need for a spit cup. Each tin contains 20 packets and comes in Mocha, Mint Chocolate, and Cinnamon Roll, though I'm pretty sure that only one of those is an actual coffee flavor. These pouches sell in three-packs for $13 at Grinds. What do you think, have we stumbled upon the tobacco-less alternative to smokeless tobacco? [Uncrate]


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