Pool parties and fiestas: two places that a waterproof, outdoor 32-inch HDTV would fit in better than Woody Allen at a Korean church. This 3200HD-Pro SunbriteTV LCD has a 1366x768 pixel resolution with a 1200:1 contrast ratio.

SunbriteTV claims the set is sealed against moisture, dust and water, plus it even has a dual-fan system to keep the system functioning at temperatures of up to 122 degrees. When the weater gets cold, there's a heater that raises its temperature by 20 degrees, keeping the TV functional down to -24 degrees.


If 32-inches is too much for you, there's a lower 20-inch 2010A-Pro that has 800x600 pixel resolution.

The 32-inch model is $4,495 and the 20-inch model is $2,495.

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