There's little we've said about our modder buddy Ramon that we haven't already said back when he made the Zelda, Samus, Rockstar and Clerks Wii mods. This guy is talented AND he has good aesthetic tasteā€”something not commonly found with modders. This time he's auctioning off this one-of-a-kind Super Mario Galaxy Wii mod that will benefit Child's Play, the children's charity started by Penny Arcade. Video hands-on, details and more pics after the jump.

There are 59 total LEDs, 5 custom circuit boards, 30 feet of wire, two Mario figures, a controller holder, and everything else you see is either hand-made or laser cut. There's also a custom plate dedicating this to Miyamoto for all his hard work creating a plumber that travels through pipes to a better world, giving plumbers everywhere something to strive for.

The custom console stand has an integrated Wii remote holder and a compartment for recharging the included lithium-ion batteries. Each side of the stand features a small limited edition Mario figurine. These are out of production and were only available in certain parts of Asia. In addition to the highly detailed paint job they already featured they were further touched up and clear coated for a clean professional look.


If you still haven't been able to find a Wii, this is your chance to pick one up that's both special and benefit charity. You could probably write this off as a tax deduction next year too.