The go-kart isn’t 100% made of Lego: structurally critical pieces like wheel axles, control mechanisms, brakes, and cables are all metal, while a pair of 80-amp electric motors and 5,000 mAh lithium polymer batteries provide the necessary power that Lego’s own electric motors and battery packs simply couldn’t.


The most fascinating part of the build process might be the countless varieties of 3D printer filament Denton had to use to help keep the weight of the go-kart down while ensuring parts receiving the most wear and tear (and heat) wouldn’t break or disintegrate under the stresses of actually driving this thing around. Even flexible filament was used to create the go-kart’s tires, and while not as grippy as actual rubber, Denton doesn’t appear to have much trouble getting the kart up to some impressive speeds. Braking, on the other hand, looks downright treacherous as the wheels are able to spin on their hubcaps making stopping a bit of a problem. There’s a good reason Denton’s safety helmet isn’t made of Lego too.