Superhero Tourists Will Love Sony's Awesome Combination Binoculars and 3D Camcorder

You're looking at the Sony DEV-50V, an overhauled version of the pricey multi-gadget Sony announced at IFA a few years ago. Meet the new and improved Swiss Army goggles. They're part 25x zoom digital binoculars, part sophisticated 3D camcorder, and all kinds of crazy expensive.


The DEV-50V set has a brand new weatherproof design that's lighter, and more compact than before—and Sony refined the old, clumsy look into something that looks DARPA bomb.

But gosh, the DEV-50V is a riddle at the same time that it's a dope piece of technology. Implementing 3D capture into binoculars is smart. You've got stereo lenses, so why not use them to make true 3D, right? Obviously!

Even though these pack a lot of tech into a package that weighs less than two pounds, you can't quite imagine yourself hiking with the DEV-50V. For a multi-purpose gadget, it's tough to think of many useful applications for this wonderful thing. You've just gotta wonder who is going to shell out $2000 for a toy. Oh wait:



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