Superman Gets Pulled From Green Lantern. Is This Raimi's Doing?

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The DC Comics crossover that you've been waiting for in Green Lantern isn't happening after all. And we're wondering if this has anything to do with the ongoing superhero director shakeup in Hollywood. Could Raimi be helming Superman's next film?

Back in July, Green Lantern writer Marc Guggenheim stated that there would be Clark Kent cameo similar to the Tony Stark moment at the end Hulk.


But now MTV is reporting that director, Martin Campbell, has pulled the Superman cameo from the film. In fact, "None of the other DC characters will appear in the film," Campbell stated.

Maybe this is due to the dea that iesb is championing that Sam Raimi should take over the Superman movies — which could revitalize Supes' big-screen chances, and make DC skittish about letting Clark Kent show up in the Green Lantern movie as a failed ring-bearer candidate, as he did in the script we reviewed.

Raimi directing the next Superman epic seems like a fair enough idea — up until Spider-Man 3, Raimi has proved that he works well with large studios and can make even the smallest budgeted films look gorgeous. Still, we have a hard time believing that Raimi would want to jump into another huge property so soon after walking away from Spider-Man. But we wouldn't mind having him on the project and working with WB.


But as for right now, there is no Clark Kent and Green Lantern meet-up, and no new Superman movie either — just wishful thinking. Of course, we're coming up on the time when DC is supposed to be unveiling the projects of its newly formed movie production arm, so you never know.

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