Surface Pro Teardown: Don't Dream of Taking This Thing Apart

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Microsoft's Surface Pro may only have been released last week, but iFixit has already torn it apart. Perhaps unsurprisingly, you don't wanna think about repairing or upgrading this thing, period.


iFixit counted a whole 90 screws that had to be removed to open the Surface Pro up completely as well as a whole bunch of adhesive to boot, eventually forcing it to award the device just 1 out of 10 for repairability. Once within it, they discovered upgrading would be fraught with danger—the SSD, for instance, is perilously close to a number of vital cables which could be easily damaged.

Other than being a tinkerer's nightmare, there are few surprises lurking within—though, intriguingly for a tablet, two fans are present to cool its guts. So, the main take-home is that even though the Surface Pro masquerades as a tablet-come-laptop, it's rather more of a tablet when it comes to repairability. Take it apart at your peril. [iFixit via Verge]


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Levente Xaevus Reventon

I'm dumb, so bare with me:

Why are electronic boards/motherboards always green? Does it help the product or is it just a standard? Is it better green?