Surprise! Psystar Tech Support Gets Off To a Shaky Start

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One of our seven reasons for not buying a Psystar computer right now was their untested tech support. Well, one of our readers tested it, and turns out they should have studied a little more.

Received my "open computer" day before yesterday. Two immediate problems.

First, the noise level was completely intolerable. Never heard a computer as loud in my life.

Second problem was video was DOA right out of the box. No signal going to monitor. Boot up is a moot point as there is nothing to see.

Called the company. A female answered the phone, presumably a receptionist. She informed me some one would return my call shortly and give me RA# I had requested. No call. Called back after several hours. Spoke with one of the guys there in either sales or support. They assured me that they were getting the information from UPS as we spoke and would shortly be sending me the return shipping label via UPS within minutes. Nothing.

Called back again this morning. Was assured that shipping info was to be emailed shortly and they were going to be calling UPS to arrange a pickup for this afternoon. Nothing.

All I want to do is return the computer and get a refund.


We knew about the incredibly loud fan before, but unfortunately reader Rick ordered before he saw it featured here. C'mon, Psystar. The first couple weeks is vital to proving your legitimacy and professionalism. If you're going to drop the ball like this, you might as well just shut down and go home now.

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Creole Trash Panda

@Munch: nah if Chen was owed CS, then he would have had all of their earning garnished and put out WAAYYY MORE articles than this..

Not that I know about this or anything.

I say call the BBB (worthless in this case) it makes the shade-tree exposed in a broader sense. If he paid my credit card...dispute it, or charge back..

These guys need a least a Lesiure Learning class of CS and how to run a business