Swallowing This Capsule Lets Doctors Keep Tabs On Gas in Your Gut

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A build up of intestinal gases isn't just an etiquette problem — it's also linked to conditions like irritable bowl syndrome. So researchers have created a swallowable capsule packed with sensors that's able to measure the concentration of gases inside a patient, and wirelessly relay that info back to a smartphone app.

There are non-invasive ways to measure the gases inside a person, like through their breath, but they're nowhere near as accurate as being able to take a measurement from the inside like this capsule can. Researchers at RMIT and Monash Universities have tested the device on animals with great success, and they are confident it can eventually be a vital tool in humans. Swallowing these mini-labs will help scientists learn more about how microorganisms inside us contribute to disease and how we process food, and could also help us improve our diets and pinpoint foods that might not agree with our bodies.


The capsules aren't permanent, though. Once ingested they'll travel along with everything else you consume, which means eventually they'll leave you the same way everything does. And re-using them seems a little gross. But once these are perfected and FDA-approved for humans, you may never again have to question why dinner isn't agreeing with you — this capsule might just alert your fitness tracker for you. [RMIT University via Gizmag]