Swiss Police Uncover Hidden Marijuana Farm Using Google Earth

Illustration for article titled Swiss Police Uncover Hidden Marijuana Farm Using Google Earth

Swiss Police, aided by Google Earth, busted a group of "agricultural enthusiasts" who concealed two acres of ganja in the middle of a corn field. The only thing they didn't account for: satellite imaging.


Police weren't specifically looking for the farm at the time of the bust, but were using the mapping software for a larger investigation when they serendipitously stumbled upon the farm in question. As a result of Google's Big Brother technology, the police confiscated 1.2 tons of marijuana, arrested 16 people, and collected $900,000 in cash and valuables.

That sound you hear? It's rastas around the world softly crying themselves to sleep (every time a pound of high grade is confiscated, one dies). [AP via Breit Bart]


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I thought of something else that would REALLY suck.

Let's say you have an affair with someone who parks their car outside your house next to yours. The Google Maps car drives by and records it. Then one day your wife is looking up the house on Google Maps and checks the street view to find the other woman's car parked outside. THAT would totally suck.

P.S. I don't condone that type of behavior.