Syfy's Trailer For The Post-Apocalyptic Angel Drama Dominion Is Insane

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Set in the year 25 "A.E.", Earth's post-apocalyptic future is run by an angel army, and the Angels are super pissed at mankind. Watch the very first trailer now.

Inspired by the ridiculous film Legion, here's the basic premise: Archangel Gabriel has built an angel army and descended onto Earth to kill everybody. Archangel Michael goes against this new angel revolution and chooses to protect humanity (instead of kill it). Angel war ensues.


Dominion takes place 25 years after this long battle, and all the remaining humans have changed their lives dramatically to protect themselves from all these angel dicks. They've even rebuilt their cities into anti-angel fortresses. Vega (that's New Earth for Las Vegas) is one of the biggest remaining cities, inside the surviving humans fight over power. The show will be set inside "Vega." This show both sounds and looks insane. Can't wait.

Dominion will premiere on June 19th.